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New house.

Graduate Posted on Wed, June 06, 2018 00:58:05

I have about a month ago moved in to a new property, after a rocky past two years in rehab. I also saw my wife again today, and we have made up. thanks

new love or refoundation

Graduate Posted on Mon, February 12, 2018 19:27:59

my new girlfriend is called none of your business, and she is hot, but breaking up is hard to do


Graduate Posted on Mon, December 04, 2017 00:16:55

im lookiñģ at geþťtiñg out sòon hopefùllyy no mòré thàn anoþheř monťjh igf that thañks

Death of a legend

Undergraduate Posted on Thu, November 16, 2017 02:45:33

Jo went to bed last night. He had been through a tumultuous last few months.
From losing his family out the door, to losing his balance to women on the street, his mind to black mamba. And then his freedom to acute and chronic psychiatric hospitals.
He felt like a hamster, running round a wheel.

Then he died. I’m not entirely sure what happened. All I know is that he went to sleep last night, and this morning I found him laid on the bed, dead.
No one had saved his life. And he had run out of cat’s lives.

Terror attacks new

Graduate Posted on Wed, November 01, 2017 13:11:44

Pl3àse believe me when I say that I had nothing to do with this or any other act of terrorism. Rip the dead in nyc

Two months in hospital

Graduate Posted on Tue, August 29, 2017 13:58:05

I’m 2 months in hospital still holding on to my wife still playing computer games still struggling with my addictions good luck everyone and God bless